From Mother Pippa 7.8.2020

The numbers are in and we have raised $2,776.13 from this year’s Strawberry Fest! That is our profits after making 135 pies (plus receiving directed donations) and I want to thank Elizabeth Hoffman and Liz Riedel for an outstanding job! It was our 33rd Strawberry Fest and I am so glad to know that we are continuing to support the work of the Haiti Project and specifically the work of St. Marc’s in Jeanette, Haiti. Bravo!!!

From Mother Pippa 7.1.2020

Thank you to everyone who came out and volunteered. We had people on Friday who baked pie crust and washed strawberries. We had people Saturday who hulled and sliced the berries, mixed the gel, and assembled the pies. And, of course, on Sunday we had people who distributed the pies. Thank you to everyone who donated your time and effort, and a huge thank you to Elizabeth Hoffman and Liz Riedel who sold 135 pies for Strawberry Fest!!!!


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