From Mother Pippa 12.10.2019

We continue in our busy Advent season with a Building Presentation following both services this Sunday. There will be an additional meeting Tuesday, December 17 at 6 p.m. covering this information. The Design Team read people’s comments and suggestions and worked with the architect to incorporate common themes. In addition to blueprints and views of the 3D rendering, we will also have a virtual walk-through.

From Mother Pippa 11.26.2019

Thank you to everyone who donated towards the Thanksgiving Baskets! We collected nearly $800 dollars, which meant we were able to give each of our families a generous gift card as well as their groceries. A special thank you to Allen Arndorfer, Jack Hedrick, Henry Hedrick, Alison Hedrick and Elizabeth Hoffman for shopping and delivering the baskets!



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