From Mother Pippa 10.8.2019

Fall Fest was completely wonderful! Thank you to everyone who volunteered, organized, shelped, and prayed. We had beautiful weather and  tons of happy, smiling faces. We don’t have final numbers yet, but we are projecting around $3700 to go to the Western Lakes Fire Department. In 2018 we raised $3509, so it looks like we beat last year’s amount. Well done!


From Mother Pippa 10.1.2019

Well, it’s finally here – Fall Fest is this Sunday! Big thanks to Noelle Bryant-Nanz and everyone who has stepped forward to help welcome guests into our church home. I read an article this week about how we should not talk about church “volunteers” as it implies someone coming in from the outside to help, but rather recognize that we all serve within our church home to make our community life possible.


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