From Mother Pippa 10.1.2019

Well, it’s finally here – Fall Fest is this Sunday! Big thanks to Noelle Bryant-Nanz and everyone who has stepped forward to help welcome guests into our church home. I read an article this week about how we should not talk about church “volunteers” as it implies someone coming in from the outside to help, but rather recognize that we all serve within our church home to make our community life possible. Regardless of how you feel about the vocabulary choice, I want to say a sincere, and heartfelt thank you to everyone for your time, dedication and energy. Also, I would like to solicit prayers for a beautiful day – preferably sunny and not humid, but at the minimum with clear skies.


Hopefully this week you received a mailing about the proposed building expansion and Capital Campaign. I encourage you to read the mailing and return the survey, either by filling out the attached questions, or by going to and completing the survey online. Should you have misplaced your mailing, you can also find a pdf version on the website.


As you may or may not be aware, the cornerstone for the original church (the current chapel) was laid in 1870. This means we will be celebrating 150 years on the corner of 18 & 67 next year. Our theme for the celebration is Vision 2020, a fun optical pun both on the year as well as the work we have done to figure out who we are now and into the future. I hope you will join us for our year round celebrations of this incredible milestone!


Speaking of milestones, I hope to see everyone next Wednesday, October 9 at 7 p.m. for my Celebration of New Ministry. While you might be asking why we are celebrating four months after my arrival, this is a wonderful time to share our joy with the entire diocese. The Bishop comes and ritually acknowledges this new partnership, and I get to formally swear my commitment and dedication to St. Mary’s. If you know you are coming, please RSVP to Lynn at This head count will be helpful as Community Life hosts the reception.


Finally, we are looking for one more person to serve on Vestry, beginning in 2020. If you are interested or would like to nominate someone, please speak to me or to one of our Vestry members. Should you wish to learn more about the role, we would also be happy to fill in some of the details.


Prayers and blessings,

Mother Pippa