From Mother Pippa 1.22.2020

Thank you to everyone who cooked, baked or shopped for the Annual Meeting last Sunday. I realize it is not the most exciting event at church, but it is an important one and I was glad to see everyone who attended and helped to make it possible.


This last week I was in Racine for the Diocese of Milwaukee’s Clergy Retreat. It was held at the DeKoven Center in Racine and was led by the Rev. Ann Hallisey. Ann is the consultant working with the Standing Committee to lay the groundwork and prepare to call the 12th Bishop of Milwaukee. The retreat focused on our own lives of faith, our connections as a clergy community, and the life, mission and ministry of our diocese as we enter this time of transition. It was wonderful to spend time with colleagues as we prepare for this important transition.


We will have sign-up sheets posted this Sunday for the Building Focus Groups. If you have questions, comments, suggestions or concerns about the proposed building project, I hope you will sign up for a focus group and share your wisdom and opinions. While I do believe there is consensus on the general goals of the project, I want to make sure we hear from people in terms of the specific details and the timeline. Building is always a project of the entire parish, and if we are not ready to go forward together, I want to know.


Finally, I did want to share that I have been house-hunting and am very excited by the prospect of settling in and putting down roots. While I have enjoyed my apartment in Waukesha, it is quite thrilling to contemplate owning my own home. I have an inspection this Thursday on a home in Oconomowoc. Please keep me in your prayers as I search for the right home.


Prayers and blessings,

Mother Pippa