From Mother Pippa 2.11.2020

Thank you to everyone who participated in person or by email in the focus groups. The proposed building project is a big step, and I really appreciate everyone’s willingness to share their thoughts and ideas.

Based on the feedback, the Building Committee would like to form two sub-committees: one to focus on the exterior of the atrium and one to plan the layout of the kitchen. If you would like to join either of these committees, please sign up in the Parish Hall. The mandate for the sub-committees is to form a recommendation for the Building Committee, and then to meet with the Building Committee to explain their reasoning. After that meeting, the Building Committee will communicate the agreed upon changes to the architect. The Building Committee has the ultimate deciding power, but they do very much want to hear from people and collaborate on how to make this building project a success.

On February 23 we will have an opportunity to vote on moving forward with the building project and Capital Campaign. The two questions will be: Are we generally moving in the right direction with the building plans (while aware that things will continue to be adjusted by the sub-committees’ work); and Are we ready to start a Capital Campaign? As previously stated, the Capital Campaign will give us a much clearer sense of what resources we have available for this building project.

I want to thank everyone again for all your insight and generosity in sharing your time and energy. I hope you know how deeply I appreciate your wisdom and feedback, while at the same time realizing that we will not be in perfect agreement about all the decisions. Even if you would do things differently, I do hope you know that your position was carefully weighed and considered by the Building Committee.


On a lighter note, February 23 is also when we will have our Pancake Coffee Hour. If you are able to mix or grill pancakes for a shift, please sign up in the Parish Hall. Rather than chancing the weather on Shrove Tuesday, we thought we could eat our pancakes in community on Sunday as we prepare for Lent. February 26 is Ash Wednesday and we will have service at 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. I hope to see you there.


Prayers and blessings,

Mother Pippa