From Mother Pippa 5.13.2020

Thank you to everyone who showed up on Saturday and helped clean up Highway DR! We had an amazing group, led by Jim Lemerand and picked up so many bags of garbage. It was a beautiful day, and I really enjoyed getting out into the sunshine. Our next Adopt a Highway clean up will be in August, stay posted.

I went to an online workshop with the Diocese this week, and I want to share a couple of things I learned. We talked some about “returning to normal” and it was made clear that that won’t be possible until we have a vaccine that is widely available. We will continue to worship, but we will be looking for a “new normal” rather than trying to return to the old normal.
The Bishop was clear that he will have a fourteen day lag behind any governmental reopening. This will allow us to see the effects of reopening, and also avoid the possibility of reopening only to close immediately.
Church will look different when we return. While the Reopening Task Force is still working out the details, it is quite likely that we will need to wear masks and social distance while at church. This means that we won’t pass the offering plate, shake hands during the peace or have the meet and greet line after service. A change that I am personally grieving is that we won’t have live singing in church. This can spread the virus and leave it in the air. We will likely also have new cleaning procedures between services.
There will likely be other changes to our worship together, and some of them will be welcome and some will be difficult. Still, I believe that we can embrace the challenge together, and emerge all the stronger for this adversity.

In better news, we are planning to sell pies for Strawberry Fest this year. Thanks to Elizabeth Hoffman and Liz Riedel for their creativity and flexibility! We are accepting pre-orders now on our website to purchase $18 strawberry pie(s). They will be available for pickup on June 28 between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. We are looking for volunteers to help assemble pies on June 27. If you are interested, please contact Elizabeth or Liz.

Prayers and Blessings,
Mother Pippa

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