From Mother Pippa 6.24.2020

Make sure to order Strawberry Pie by Wednesday!!! Call Elizabeth or Liz.

We are up to 35 responses to our Worship Survey, thank you! People seem fairly evenly divided between those who plan to join the 10 person services and those who will continue to stay at home and worship online. I want to encourage people to make the decision that makes most sense for them and for their families. We will continue to offer online service at 9 a.m. for the foreseeable future. Additionally, if you would like home communion, please send me an email or give me a call. I can bring blessed wafers to your home, leave them by the door, and then step away. We can do the home communion service from a distance.
As I mentioned on Sunday, the Bishop has granted us permission to start 10 person services, starting July 12. Before we can start the services, we need to submit a reopening plan to the Way Forward Taskforce. There are some requirements the Diocese has laid out, but the plan would be specific to St. Mary’s. Once that is approved, we can start having 10 person services. It is possible that starting in August we can have more people if we meet outside.
Please do continue filling out the surveys. The Vestry will be making calls to take the answers orally. I apologize if you have already filled out a survey and receive a call, but the surveys have mostly been anonymous. A strong thread in the surveys has been that people miss St. Mary’s, and I know that I miss you all.

In other news, I’m announcing an opportunity to participate in a St. Mary’s Day gift exchange. St. Mary’s Day is coming up on August 15, and if you would like to drop off a gift for someone please email me at Bonus points if you leave something blue, circular or with garden herbs. Sign up by August 9!

We are trying to hear news from people while we are staying at home. If you have stories, photos or anecdotes, please email Kathy Mitchell ( How have you been spending your quarantine? What triumphs are you celebrating, what goals are you achieving, what is the news in your life? Please email Kathy Mitchell with any stories you’d like to share with the Parish.

Finally, for our 150th Anniversary we thought we’d update the photo directory, and we need your help! Please find a current photo of your family, or take one with your phone, and send it to Lynn at The plan is to have them printed for September, so please try to get them in sooner rather than later!

Prayers and Blessings,
Mother Pippa