From Mother Pippa 7.1.2020

Thank you to everyone who came out and volunteered. We had people on Friday who baked pie crust and washed strawberries. We had people Saturday who hulled and sliced the berries, mixed the gel, and assembled the pies. And, of course, on Sunday we had people who distributed the pies. Thank you to everyone who donated your time and effort, and a huge thank you to Elizabeth Hoffman and Liz Riedel who sold 135 pies for Strawberry Fest!!!! We will announce the amount raised as soon as we have it tabulated. I am so proud of St. Mary’s for stepping forward and continuing to support the Haiti Project, even under challenging circumstances.

We continue to receive Worship Surveys, thank you! We are going to close the online link, but please do send an email or call if you’d like to add your input. The goal is to send in our reopening plan to the Way Forward Taskforce in the next week or so, and hopefully begin 10 person services in mid July. If you would prefer to continue worshipping online, but would like to receive communion, please let me know.
Starting last week, we are also going to start working from the office. I received feedback from people who asked why the office remained closed, and I am willing to try being a more visible presence during the week. That said, we will continue to social distance in the office and wear masks. Thank you for keeping your church staff healthy!

I want to acknowledge that in about a quarter of the surveys, people ask why we are not reopening faster, and express dissatisfaction with the pace, and fear that we will lose parishioners because we are still closed. I would be very willing to talk to you about this, if you’d like, and would also offer that the very concern of people leaving is part of what will keep us together. We are in no way suggesting that online worship or ten person worship is a substitute for in-person worship – it clearly is inferior. However, what I am saying, and will continue to say, is that there is nothing more important than the lives of parishioners at St. Mary’s and I am going to continue to err on the side of caution to keep the people of St. Mary’s and those in their lives safe. I myself am being extra cautious so I can visit the parishioner in the hospital, or the new mom and her baby. I truly want to talk to you if you have fears, worries or pastoral concerns, please call me or email me.

Our final Matthew Bible Study is this Tuesday, July 7! It’s been quite a journey and I hope you will join us to hear about Jesus’ trial, crucifixion and resurrection. We will be discussing Matthew 26-28 and I hope to see you there (and by there, I mean on Zoom –

Prayers and blessings,
Mother Pippa