Mother Pippa Lindwright - New Rector Announced


After nearly a year search process, the Wardens and Vestry of St. Mary’s are pleased to announce our new Rector, The Rev. Pippa Lindwright.  Mother Pippa is currently the Associate Rector at St. Bartholomew’s in Beverton, Oregon. While she has served in Oregon for the past six years she is from the Diocese of Minnesota and has family in Wisconsin. 


While formally announced as the incoming Rector on Sunday, March 24, 2019, she will not officially begin her duties until June 2nd, 2019.  Until that time, she will be saying goodbye to St. Bartholomew’s, seeking housing and, then, moving to this area.  Later on, we will have an official installation of her ministry and we will invite all members of our community to this celebration.  Until then, we hope and encourage you to extend your own greetings to her and welcome her as she arrives in Dousman.  For your convenience, Mother Pippa’s biography can be found below.  


2019-2020 Vestry

Sally Williams (Sr. Warden)                Noelle Bryant-Nanz

Mary-Beth Esser (Jr. Warden)            Lindsey Ricciardi

Carl Eschweiler (Treasurer)                Pam Ferguson, ex-officio

Chris O’Konek                                   John Wolf

Tom Arndorfer


Dear People of St. Mary’s,


I am so very honored and delighted to have accepted the invitation to work with you as your new rector. My name is Mother Pippa Lindwright, and I am currently the Associate Rector at St. Bart’s Episcopal Church in Beaverton, Oregon. I have served here for the last six and a half years, and as much as I love my current community, I am very excited to join St. Mary’s.


From the moment I read your parish profile, it was clear to me that St. Mary’s is a special church. Your ability to welcome new members into your midst, to tackle challenging projects, and to work so well with your local community shone through. I look forward to helping you continue to grow and to putting down my own roots in Dousman.


Though I grew up in Oregon and now currently work here, I moved to Minnesota in high school and it is where my parents and youngest sister live. My middle sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew are in Wisconsin, and I look forward to joining the friendly rivalry we have between the Packers and the Vikings.


 Prayers and blessings, Mother Pippa




I was born in Palo Alto, California and baptized on Pentecost at All Saints Episcopal when I was two and a half weeks old.  We moved to Oregon when I was a year old, and I grew up at Church of the Good Samaritan in Corvallis, Oregon. I have always been actively involved in church. At three years old I started singing in the Children’s Choir. At four I started ushering. At six I started acolyting since I was told I was too young to  usher. In middle school I volunteered in the nursery and was active with the Youth Group. I was confirmed at Good Samaritan my sophomore year of high school, which incidentally was the first time someone suggested I might be called to the priesthood. I believe I told my priest something to the effect of, “No offense, but why would anyone want to do that?” Little did I know…


We moved to Minnesota that summer, and started attending St. Christopher’s in Roseville, Minnesota. There I joined the Youth Group, Adult Choir and Altar Guild. My senior year of high school I started feeling two conflicting calls. On the one hand, I took AP Psychology and became convinced that I wanted to be a psychologist. On the other, I started to feel more and more like God was calling me to be a priest.


I attended college at Earlham in Richmond, Indiana and majored in psychology.  I had a deal with God – if I still felt called to the priesthood after I finished my degree, I would look into the ordination track. By my second year of college I was in formal discernment. I attended St. Paul’s in Richmond during college and even became a   college representative on their Vestry.


After graduating, I needed about one more year to finish my discernment process, and so I applied to be an AmeriCorps volunteer in Minneapolis. I spent a year working for a non-profit that specializes in reintegrating felons into the community. It was a very valuable experience and gave me insight into the criminal justice system both generally and in Minnesota.


For seminary I attended Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I greatly enjoyed my time there, and served as Head Sacristan my second and third years. Liturgy has always been a particular love of mine. My first year of seminary I attended Christ Church Cambridge, and sang with their choir.  My next two years I served as a seminarian at Church of Our Saviour in Brookline.


After graduating I applied to churches all over the nation and was called as curate to St. Bart’s in Beaverton. I have served here for the last six and a half years with joy and gratitude. I started to feel that it was time for the next step last November, and while I read many parish profiles, St. Mary’s immediately stood out.

I am humbled and blessed to be called as your rector, and greatly look forward to  meeting you all!